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The Survey
Name: Lovely Mae
Age: 23
Location: Portland, OR
What is the one truest thing about you on this list (only pick one):
I am trying to lose weight.
I am very active outdoors.
I am in college.
I have a career.
I am married.
I like to go to concerts.
I am very spiritual.
I like reality tv.
I like to read.
I am really an alien.

What do you want out of any new LJ friends (pick either one or two):
I want to get to know people
I want to increase my # of LJ friends
I want more journals to read
I want to possibly meet up in real life
I want people to flirt with
I want to meet some nice people
I want to meet some strange people

What is one of your favorite bands or musical artists? Rilo Kiley

Now just tell a little bit about yourself and what you like: I live in downtown Portland. I am a Film major at PSU. I live with my boyfriend, our cat Lucy Loo, and my fish Red Dog Consuela. I like music, concerts, reading, writing, painting, drawing, singing, playing guitar, sitting in front of fans, watching TV, having a lot of "guilty pleasures", and just having a laugh.

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